Frequently asked questions

Who is Semtive?

Semtive is an energy company that offers high quality, safe and affordable vertical axis wind turbine systems for urban, remote and humanitarian use. We’ve made great strides in technology and R&D in the clean energy industry during our years of operation.

What is the company’s vision?

Semtive’s vision is to be the global impact leader in decentralized energy generation through the democratized use of renewable power – an efficient and socially impactful clean energy solution that can be employed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

What is Semtive’s core product?

Our core product is the Nemoi wind turbine.

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is a system that transforms kinetic energy from the wind into electricity.

Why wind?

The wind is an abundant source of renewable energy with no carbon emissions or pollution, ensuring energy generation 24/7.

Are Nemoi turbines environmentally friendly?

Wind power is a safe and green renewable source of energy. More than 95 percent of the Nemoi turbine is made from aluminum, a highly resilient and recyclable metal that is resistant to corrosion. Nemoi turbines are also virtually silent, generating less than 38 dB of noise (less than a whisper) when operating at the highest rated wind speed. Nemoi turbines spin at very low rpms, making it safe for birds and other wildlife.

Where are Semtive products manufactured?

Currently all our design and manufacturing is done in the USA. However, our manufacturing process allows us to produce the same high quality systems locally, in any market in the world. This ability to produce locally reduces our carbon footprint and shipping costs to customers.

Why vertical axis wind turbines?

Semtive manufactures the Nemoi turbine using a vertical axis design because of the efficiency of operation at low wind speeds, typically seen in urban environments This design allows the turbine to efficiently capture wind from any direction.

Additionally, the Nemoi turbine generates very little to no noise, and does not require cranes or guide-wires for stabilization, making it safer, more suitable for urban areas and more environmentally friendly.

How easy is it to set up a Nemoi turbine?

The Nemoi turbine is lightweight and can be delivered and assembled in less than an hour anywhere in the world, operating with equal efficacy on or off the grid, from densely urban to rural environments and areas in urgent need of humanitarian relief.

How much wind speed does the Nemoi turbine need to generate energy?

Due to the design and blade configuration, our turbines can generate electricity with wind speeds as slow as 3 mph.

How much power can a Nemoi turbine generate?

The power generation depends on the model of the Nemoi turbine selected, S or M, and the weather conditions of the location where the turbine is going to be installed. To see each Nemoi model’s power curve, please download the corresponding brochures or get an estimate here.

How many turbines do I need to power my house?

You can get an estimate of how a Nemoi turbine could work for you, by using our app here.

How does the turbine help my energy bill?

An on-grid or “grid-tied” Nemoi turbine is one of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill. You can use the energy generated from this turbine to power your home as usual, but any excess energy will be fed back into the grid. Many states allow you to be paid for this excess energy in the form of tariffs. Otherwise, you only pay the net amount of electricity (energy consumed – energy fed) in your utility bill, known as “net metering”

How does the electrical connection work?

The Nemoi turbine can be connected to the electrical grid or operated “off-grid”, and can be customized for end user applications. The system generates single-phase AC power through an inverter/controller that is synchronized to the grid to offset residential power usage or deliver excess power to the grid (depending on the application).

What safety features does the Nemoi turbine have?

The all-in-one inverter has automatic derating functions when operating in adverse weather conditions.
The inverter has an anti-islanding feature that prevents back-feeding the grid in the event of a power outage. This feature ensures electricity is not sent from the turbine to the grid during the outage, guaranteeing the safety of grid maintenance workers. Also, the turbine has electromagnetic brakes that stop it from overspinning.

What is the expected ROI?

The return on your investment in a Nemoi system (turbine + electronics) will vary according to the model selected, energy usage at the place of installation and tax incentives and rebates offered by various states, localities and the federal government – but the range should be within 1 to 7 years.

How does the Nemoi turbine attach to the rooftop?

The Nemoi turbine attaches to the rooftop through a mounting system that contains a mast secured to the structure. For best wind conditions, Nemoi should clear the highest obstructions.

This mounting system was designed to dampen vibrations that could affect the rooftop’s structure.

Can I adapt a Nemoi turbine to an existing energy generation system?

Yes, the Nemoi turbine can be adapted to existing energy generation systems (as solar panels), creating a hybrid system. For better advice on this matter, please contact your local authorized installer.

Can the Nemoi turbine be connected to storage devices?

Yes, for applications where a storage device is required, the system can be connected to any kind of technology (e.g. lead acid, lithium ion, fuel cells, etc).

Can I transport the Nemoi turbine?

Thanks to its modular design, you can disassemble the Nemoi turbine in a few minutes and transport it wherever you like.

How can I purchase a Nemoi turbine?

To purchase one of our products, please contact us at or pre-order it here.

Should I contact my utilities company before purchasing a Nemoi turbine?

We recommend that you contact your utilities company about local requirements for on-grid systems. Safety regulations will vary by city, and your power provider will put you in touch with their local representative.

Do you provide warranty?

We offer 20 years warranty on our Nemoi turbines, according to the warranty certificate from our IOM manuals. This warranty is subject to a correct installation of the products, in line with the standards provided in the installation manual.