Who is Semtive?

Semtive offers high quality, safe and affordable vertical axis wind turbine systems for urban, remote and humanitarian use. Semtive systems are highly efficient and virtually noiseless, producing clean renewable energy, “on” and “off” the grid. With seven years of successful operations, Semtive is a relatively young company, yet advanced in the use of new technologies and R&D in the wind turbine industry.

What is the company’s vision?

Semtive’s vision is to be the global impact leader in decentralized energy generation through the democratized use of renewable power – an efficient and socially impactful clean energy solution that can be employed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

What is a wind turbine?

A wind turbine is a system that transforms kinetic energy from the wind into electricity.

Where are Semtive Wind Systems produced?

Our manufacturing process at Semtive allows us to produce the same high quality wind turbine systems locally, in any market in the world. This ability to produce locally reduces our carbon footprint and shipping costs to customers.

Are Semtive Systems environmentally friendly?

Wind power is a safe and green renewable source of energy. More than 95 percent of the Semtive turbine is made from aluminum, a highly resilient and recyclable metal that is resistant to corrosion, so the Semtive models come with a lifetime guarantee. Semtive turbines are also virtually silent, generating less than 38 dB of noise (less than a whisper) when operating through an average wind speed of 35 mph.

What is the difference between vertical axis (VAWT) and horizontal axis (HAWT) wind turbines?

Efficiency of operation. Semtive manufactures the NEMOI turbine using a vertical axis (VAWT) orientation, which allows the turbine to very efficiently capture wind from all directions. A horizontal axis turbine (HAWT) needs to face directly into the wind, and to do that, the units need to be fitted with an extra orientation device. Additionally, a VAWT can function with turbulent winds, whereas a HAWT requires laminar wind flow. Another very important distinction is noise. VAWTs generate very little to no noise (contrary to HAWTs), and do not require cranes or guy-wires for stabilization, making them safer, more suitable for urban areas and certainly more environmentally friendly.

How easy is it to set up a NEMOI wind turbine?

NEMOI is lightweight and can be delivered and assembled in less than an hour anywhere in the world, operating with equal efficacy on or off the grid, from densely urban to rural environments and areas in urgent need of humanitarian relief.

How much wind speed does NEMOI need to generate energy?

NEMOI works within a wide operating window. Thanks to the design of the blades, the inner side can generate torque at very low wind speeds to start the turbine spinning. This way, the turbine can generate electricity from less than 10 rpms of wind.

How much power can the NEMOI generate?

The power generation depends on the model of the NEMOI selected, from a small unit to extra large, and the weather conditions of the locality where the turbine is going to be installed. To see each NEMOI model´s power curve, please download the corresponding brochures.

How does the electrical connection work?

NEMOI can be connected to the electrical grid or operated “off-grid”, and can be customized for various voltage and frequency requirements. The turbine generates 3-phase power AC, which is then converted to single-phase power DC through a controller or an all-in-one micro-inverter (depending on the application).

What cost saving can I expect by the use of the turbine?

The return on your investment in a NEMOI Semtive system will vary on the model selected and tax incentives and rebates offered by various states, localities and the federal government – but the range is 1-7 years.

How does NEMOI attach to the rooftop? Do I need to reinforce the roof structure when installing the turbine?

Thanks to the vertical axis design, the turbine works with turbulent winds, often characteristic of urban areas. It does not require a pole, as do conventional horizontal axis turbines, and as such, can be mounted directly onto a rooftop. This also avoids harmonic distortion from resonations through the roof.

Can I adapt a NEMOI to an existing energy generation system?

Yes, our turbines can be adapted to existing energy generation system (as solar panels), conforming a hybrid system. For better advise on this matter, please contact your local authorized installer.

Can a NEMOI be connected to storage devices?

Yes, for applications where a storage device is required, the system can be connected to any kind of technology (e.g. lead acid, lithium ion, fuel cells, etc.).

Can you transport the NEMOI turbine?

Yes, thanks to its modular design, you can disassemble the turbine in a few minutes and transport it wherever you like.

How can I purchase a NEMOI?

To purchase one of our products, you should contact an authorized installer. To search for the closest installer, contact us through our form.

What if there is no installer near my location?

In case you cannot find an authorized dealer near your zone, please contact us.

Do you provide warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on our turbines, according to the warranty certificate from our IOM manual. This warranty is subject to correct installation of the products, in line with the standards provided in the installation manual.