Semtive Introduces Highly Efficient, Quiet and Affordable Wind Turbines For Home and Business – NEMOI Pre-sale begins May 16.


Mountain View, CA (May 16, 2017) – Semtive, a new American renewable energy company with headquarters in Silicon Valley, today introduced NEMOI, one of the world’s most efficient, safe and affordable wind turbines for residential, commercial and industrial generation of power.

Nemoi uses a new turbine system that is highly reliable, environmentally friendly and virtually noiseless – producing clean renewable energy “on” and “off” the grid” from very low to very high wind speeds. Energy from Nemoi is generated at about $.02 per kWh.


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Small Turbines From Silicon Valley Firm May Shift Wind Energy Market


MOUNTAIN VIEW (KPIX) — While wind energy is the fastest-growing energy source in the world, wind farms provide less than five percent of the energy in the U.S.

But one Silicon Valley startup is aiming to change the market’s direction. CEO Ignacio Juarez co-founded Semtive six years ago in Argentina, where today you can find its turbines powering street lights and part of the Sheraton Hotel grounds in Buenos Aires.


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Semtive produces one of the world’s most efficient, quiet, safe and affordable wind turbines for home and business – and we deliver them right to your door for easy installation.


Semtive wants to change how we think about and generate renewable energy – especially wind. Wind is the fastest growing source of renewable energy because it is free, clean and ubiquitous – wind is everywhere. The breakthrough from Semtive was creating a turbine that is affordable, noiseless, safe to wildlife yet produces energy in very little wind. Meet Nemoi!

We are a young Silicon Valley-based company, advanced in the use of new technologies and R&D in the wind turbine field. With local manufacturers, local partners and local distributors, we are bringing Semtive turbine technology to the US market, creating jobs and improving local economies.


Our goal is to be a global impact leader in decentralized energy generation through the democratized use of renewable power. Our vision is to contribute to a clean, efficient and socially impactful energy solution that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world.
Join us in this new Clean Energy Revolution.


Creating affordable energy systems, Semtive works to democratize access to clean, renewable energy with the same quality products around the world, in Latin America, Africa, Asia and now in the United States.


Semtive’s manufacturing process produces wind turbine systems locally, reducing the carbon footprint and the shipment cost of traditional wind turbines. In the process, the company also generates local jobs by hiring local people to install and maintain the turbines, completing the cycle of clean jobs and healthy customers.


Because Semtive turbine systems generate clean energy through renewable sources, like wind, the company helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the turbine, which is manufactured in 98% recyclable materials.


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