Nemoi M is a wind turbine designed to bring affordable, reliable energy to any residential or commercial facility. Its materials are durable yet easy to assemble, allowing for efficient installation and optimal performance in any environment. With an elegant, simple design and virtually noiseless energy production, it can be seamlessly incorporated into any setting.

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About the
Nemoi M

Reliable &

Designed to provide an affordable solution combined with a rapid return on investment.

Heavy duty construction, +100 years of reliability.


Less than one hour and just one tool needed.
Plug & play connection in a flat pack.

Perfect for
heavy duty

With a nominal power of 2400 W and a maximum speed of 130 mph, the Nemoi M offers reliable, affordable clean energy generation a wide variety of applications.

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Vertical axis wind turbine

  • MSRP includes:
  • Turbine
  • Electronics
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Technical Information

  • Power
  • Nominal power: 2400 W
  • Dimensions
  • Height: 3m / 9.8 ft
  • Width: 3m / 9.8 ft
  • Weight: 140 kg / 308.6 lb
  • Operation
  • Cut-in speed: 5 km/h / 3.1 mph
  • Nominal speed: 40 km/h / 24.8 mph
  • Maximum speed: 209 km/h / 130 mph
  • Generator
  • Type: permanent magnet
  • Voltage: 110/220
  • Warranty
  • 20 years
Power curve

Nemoi M

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Can the Nemoi M turbine be connected to the grid?
Yes, the Nemoi M turbine can connect directly to your grid through our proprietary all in one hybrid controller inverter, which can also manage solar and storage devices.
Who can I contact to install the Nemoi M turbine for me?
In order to find out about who your nearest installer is, please contact us at
Can the Nemoi M completely offset my electricity bill for my home?
Yes. An on-grid or “grid-tied” Nemoi turbine is one of the easiest ways to reduce your electricity bill. You can use the energy generated from this turbine to power your home as usual, with any excess energy being fed back into the grid. Many states allow you to be paid for this excess energy in the form of credits on your account. Otherwise, you only pay the net amount of electricity used (energy consumed – energy generated) in your utility bill, known as “net metering”.

Use cases for Nemoi M

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Quiet, reliable and affordable distributed energy generation for homes.

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We can meet any specific needs and adapt to unique infrastructure, guaranteeing 24/7 energy for businesses of all sizes.

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