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Install the Nemoi M as a standalone wind system or as part of a hybrid renewable energy system.

  • Integrated Wind Solution:
  • Delivers an LCOE as low as $.01/kWh over 20 years
  • Optimizes the performance of solar and wind for 24/7 energy
  • Complements existing systems and allows you to reduce the number of solar panels and battery banks where needed.

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Why Nemoi
is right for you

Semtive wind solutions offer customers a simple way to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions – at an affordable price. The Nemoi M is a proven solution that integrates solar, wind and energy storage for a much higher renewable energy ROI.

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Expand your market for residential and commercial customers by adding wind to your renewable energy product portfolio.

System Components

The Nemoi M is an aesthetically pleasing, vertical wind turbine system rated at 2400W. Shipped to you in a flat box, the Nemoi easily installs in under an hour.

Trinity EMI

The Trinity Energy Management Interface (EMI) is an advanced inverter and energy management solution that optimizes wind, solar and energy storage resources to offset load during peak demand times.

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