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Semtive’s vertical axis turbine design effectively captures wind from all directions. A unique center-of-gravity generator paired with innovative energy harvesting features ensure that the turbine maximizes production at any wind speed.

Our Nemoi and MOVE systems are environmentally friendly and virtually noiseless, allowing for sustainable, low-maintenance energy production anywhere.

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With a nominal power of 600 W and a maximum speed of 130 mph, the Nemoi S offers reliable, affordable clean energy generation for low-consumption applications.

The MOVE unit is the ideal plug-and-play easy to deploy remote power solution. Completely modular and portable, it is easy to assemble and install in any environment and any location.

With a nominal power of 2400 W and a maximum speed of 130 mph, the Nemoi M offers reliable, affordable clean energy generation a wide variety of applications.

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2400W Height 9.8 ft MSRP $14,980 Learn more
600W Height 5.58 ft MSRP $3,600 Learn more
Portable or fixed enclosures MSRP from $7,767 Learn more

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Rural and Remote Electrification

Discover how we have the perfect clean energy solution for providing reliable power to rural or remote areas.

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Oil & Gas

Transition to a more reliable, cost-effective form of energy – and reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions while tracking power generation.

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We can meet any specific needs and adapt to unique infrastructure, guaranteeing 24/7 clean energy for businesses of all sizes.

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We provide reliable and affordable clean energy for homes.

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In emergency situations, our solutions provide adequate, reliable power to achieve mission success.

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Disaster Relief

In times of crisis, our solutions provide reliable, uninterrupted power to disaster relief organizations.

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