Disaster Relief

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We know that emergency response teams need a reliable source of electric power to even begin to deal with crisis. Our all-in-one MOVE unit is portable and easy to install, allowing for guaranteed power in critical times.

Disaster Relief
Use Cases

  • Use Cases
  • Refugee camps
  • Disaster and emergency response teams
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Quick deployment micro grids
  • Emergency and temporary shelters
  • Drive through testing stations
  • Command and control centers
  • Gas generators replacement
  • Advantages
  • Logistics costs significantly reduced
  • Plug & Play (Ready to go)
  • Noiseless providing tactical advantages
  • Minimum to no maintenance required
  • Modular
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Energy production 24/7 (not limited to daylight hours only)
  • Weather resilient
  • Easy setup and deployment
  • Mobility
  • Decentralized power for Micro-Grid Applications.

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Oil & Gas

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In times of crisis, our solutions provide reliable, uninterrupted power to defense and disaster relief organizations.

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